Brighten Ai negotiates a price for a platform license with each enterprise customer that creates a win-win product environment.   In addition we use AWS metered billing to pass along infra costs in clear billing statements so our customers can measure and plan their expenditures.  

We use ZERO bandwidth per interaction, and charge ZERO per interaction.    You pay for the platform license, and the infra costs to run our syncing and training services.

This is unmatched in the industry.


Metered Billing per knowledge graph edit

These will drop towards zero as we deploy our tooling in 2021 

Metered Billing for Storage

Storage is consumed by your corporate data mirrored for our training system, your trained models, corporate learning streams, and analytics feeds, along with logistics support data.

Metered Billing for Bandwidth

Bandwidth is consumed during syncing when you add a new device, or change a model 

Metered billing for syncing

We charge a small AWS carried cost for syncing to your devices

Metered Billing for Training

We charge by training second, typically less than a penny per train.


Unlimited interactions

We want your customers to be able to use voice as much as they want.    We consume no bandwidth per interaction, and pass the zero cost to you.

Free Voice Analytics

Every customer gets streaming voice analytics 

Free software updates

Software updates supporting bug fixes, security updates, mobile OS platform support