Case Study

Helpful Workforce connector

A corporate call center agent, providing instant voice calling, and backup.



Compay Name: Bullseye Inc.
Date: Jan 2021

As the well known bold colors retailer and emerging grocer grows and modernizes, it realizes its workforce efficiencies can be radically improved with instant dependable corporate calling from any device, even with no Wifi.

Add instant offline voice dialing


Adding Brighten Ai’s voice dialer to their existing corporate dialing app on their custom android device fleet, they gain an immediate gain in corporate efficiency.     And when Black Friday level shopping events occur, their voice dialer’s 99.999% availability pays off in spades.    

The competition’s stores hadn’t switched yet from Google’s cloud based voice dialer, and when the Wifi ground to a halt from the increased load of all the school children’s online educations during CoVid, they lost the ability to do voice dialing completely.  (Ok it worked at 2am.)

Bullseye’s dialer experiences stayed at zero latency the entire time. 

Instant Results


Store associates learn to depend on their agent’s as back up, and usage sky rockets.   They also learn that because the agent is so fast, they can just start their request again if a loud noise or a customer question interrupt their agent request.  


Management is thrilled, and because there is no cost per interaction, the CFO is thrilled too. 


Unlike the cloud voice systems, which have an average 4 second latency, even when the Wifi is good, Brighten Ai’s zero latency agents allow such fast communication that the old days of error prone, frustrating conversations are long forgotten.

The old cloud agents are soon forgotten as well.




“I can’t believe how fast our new system is!   And I can just interrupt it and ask for something new, or if I mess up, I just start over.  No weird delays, and its instantaneous no matter how busy we are!”


Analyzing Our Problem

The famous retailer needed a corporate dialing system that grew effortlessly as it did, and could be counted on.   They realized that cloud based voice assistants were literally never going to deliver what they needed, and gave Brighten Ai a try. 

Creating A Custom Solution


Brighten Ai’s built in handling of multiple language models and instant training meant that Bullseye was able to create a corporate call center system that had custom phone lists for each site comprised of local employees and the regional and corporate phone lists effortlessly.

Brighten Ai’s global syncing made sure each employee had a fresh corporate directory on their device, even just minutes after the last corporate data change.

And because Brighten charges zero dollars per interaction, Bullseye was able to switch at scale, and never look back.





The Results

Bullseye stores staffed more efficiently

Customer store flows improve

Team reports working together more fluidly 


Increase in call agent dependability


Increase IN Sales


Increase in call associate team work


INCREASE IN customer satisfaction