Brighten Voice Assistant

Amazing new capabilities


World-Class Experiences

Imagine instant voice search for your product that learns what people are asking for automatically, and let’s you know.

Imagine a voice navigational system that senses when people need to stop to eat, and is always ready to show them the way home, so your customers are never lost, even when they don’t have an internet connection.

Imagine the magic of having all of your devices learning and blending in with local dialects, across the planet.

All of these things are possible when you start the journey with us


Agents always respond within 250 milliseconds, through a combination of unheard of concurrency, dynamic thought, and asynchronous dialog management


Huge models, unlimited custom entities, contextual speech, rapid training all contribute to our industry leading accuracy

robustly available

Our agents pushes as much of its brain as it can to local devices, so it can be available 24/7, rain or snow, network or no network. 

partial recognition

Using their intelligent contextual recognition, our agents can understand partial sentences, and state fully and dynamically form expectation of what happens next

Conversational Repair

When our agents sense a misunderstanding, they will ask for clarification

Live learning

Almost unbelievably, our agents learn many things from every interaction.  Something as profound as individual local dialect variance, something as important as the name of the new pizza place.