Case Study

Transforming Online Shopping

Helping customers find what they are looking for quicker, and with grace, nets higher customer satisfaction, and moves them happily through your channels.


Compay Name: LuvShoes Inc.
Date: Jan 2021

With CoVid 19,People aren’t coming into their brick and mortar stores anymore, and they have one of the best collections of designer shoes in the world.  What should they do?

Add Voice search

Instead of a normal, boring, my fingers feel fat ecommerce app, the enterprising folks work with Brighten and build an elegant, instant voice search into their product. 

Instant Results

Now their customers can browse through their catalog quickly, and leap directly to what they want.  Its the infinite interface:

“”I just said : “I need red leather shoes, and pow, there they all were!  Then I said, I meant boots, and can they have high heels!””


Analyzing Our Problem

The customer needs to make their product navigable, and not have to guess as much which products need to be featured first.

They have dozens of different dimensions to think of when they think of their product.   

Current searches are online, and slow, both because of internet speeds, and fat finger syndrome.


Creating A Custom Solution

Using Brighten Knowledge Creator, the Brighten team quickly designs a unique custom Scene for the customer, and within minutes, begins testing voice interactions with the live fresh language models generated on the fly from the knowledge graph.

“Show me red shoes”.  “Show me green ones”.   “No, Blue!”

Soon after, the team syncs the first set of shoe data to the Brighten intelligence cloud, and another team member whips together a mobile app showing the shoes in all of their glory.

Because Brighten search is instant, either with voice or typing, the team is able to show the company owner an infinite variety of searches, all learning to small piles of shoes that are just what a particular person might want (need).. 

The Results

Customers find the new search experiences  so much more engaging.    They feel so lightweight and effortless.

They find things instantly, and just as importantly, now enjoy rapidly looking through the stores shoes, just for fun.   Just as importantly, because you’ve now transformed the experiences into “rapid snacking”, customers start blurting out random ideas, which are transformed into an future trends analytics stream automatically by the agents, and sent in timely reports to the company marketing team.

Because they love the new experience, they buy more product, and increasingly associate the brand with fun, and come to the store more often, to quickly browse and be stimulated.

Sales and outreach both rise 





Increase IN Sales