Introducing our tooling

Knowledge Creator

Using a patented domain specific language, our knowledge creation team and select premium customer knowledge workers build knowledge graphs and attach cloud sync-ed auto training dynamic language models!






Product Features

 Knowledge Creator allows our team to create brand new stateful scenes that our agents use to understand the world around them. We see typical initial creation times in 10-20 minutes, and round trip  knowledge graph edits to live agents of 30 seconds.   In 2021, all Brighten customers will be to use the tooling in the wild.


You describe the relations of your important domain concepts, and what you would like our agents to be able to converse about

mixin blended ontologies

This gives us the representational freedom to accurately describe the world around us.

Built in types

We furnish dozens of built in types and dimensionalities to make it easier for to describe what you need your agents to do.

Live Updates

Brighten’s distributed brain will reach out and update live agents with your freshest work, usually within minutes

An example Knowledge Graph

 Written in Brighten Ai’s proprietary Swift DSL, its purpose is to describe the concepts you will be speaking to our agents about.  Note the sample data inline in some of the concept definitions, and the cross scene concept links.

We use Apple’s swift language for our knowledge graphs.

It gives us great portability, performance, and security.

Binding infinite dynamic language models dynamically

Building on the knowledge graphs, we add dynamic language model injection.    Imagine being able to associate a cloud synced language model and have the right models show up on your customers devices, within seconds of your corporate data changing!

Brighten Ai is the only agent architecture where this is possible