Brighten Ai

 Enterprise quality voice assistants 




For immediate release:

Presenting Brighten Ai, a new generation in voice assistants.

Representing five years in the labs and thousands of hours of experimentation and iteration.

Agent technologies haven’t changed much since Siri was first announced.  

Their voices have gotten clearer and they have gained a few more skills. But, they still feel like far away question-and-answer machines, always doing the same few things-   more benign entertainment than something truly useful; No emotional connection or presence- Not really interacting with you:    More like wind-up toys than personalities.

People end up buying devices like Alexa as “aspirational computing“, wanting to feel modern.  But after a few weeks, going unused, Alexa goes into the drawer with all of the rest;  Or worse, sits unnoticed, silently recording your family’s lives to inform Amazon of what you might buy next. But what of the promise of a device that could converse?

What of magic?

Imagine a new navigational agent for your car: It works anywhere in the world, without the internet.  Reacting fast and intuitively, it anticipates your needs, responds instantly, and communicates clearly.  It knows you’ve been on the road a while, and suggests a place to rest, and good food to eat. As you talk to it more, it learns more and more about you: What you like,  how you speak,   your local dialect.   It’s always available.    It feels present, here, not far,  helpful… Not onerous- Not something foisted upon you by a mega-giant corporation-  Something you want.

Imagine a new kind of shopping,  where your customers rapidly search for what they need by blurting things like “yeah the red ones!”- So fast that it finally seems natural, finally out of the way; Not thinking about hitting small keys on small phone screens; about spelling- thinking about your products and how much they want them.

That same agent your customer interacts with – it talks to you, too.   As a fleet, we report back with analytics: upcoming trends and new products that your customers are asking about, before you’ve even heard of them yourself.

Each interaction is a learning moment for your agent, and you.   Each interaction is one that draws your customers closer, and teaches you more of what they are looking for.

Imagine, every brand having their own agents, with their own personalities,  with brand differentiation and emotional connection.        

For the first time, as enterprises, you can build your own agents to create truly magical experiences, and deliver them directly to your customers’ mobile devices.  Agents that listen and respond; ask for clarification; and actually learn from every interaction.

With Brighten Ai, this is all, finally, a reality.

“If you can say it, we can do it.”

“5 years is worth the wait”

“Truly instantaneous”

“I love finding what I need so quickly”